Online registration is now closed. You will need to register at the door. General Admission is $95. Dorms are $15/night. Day rate is $25.

How old do I have to be to come and participate?

You must be turning 16 the year of the event to be able to participate in any of the sports and cultural events. There are some exceptions where the age minimum is 18, such as poker. For any participants under the age of 18, you must be accompanied by a qualifying guardian who is 25+. Each guardian can be responsible for a maximum of 8 individuals. Under the age of 16, you must be accompanied by your parents.



Are there any meals available at the event?

Meals are typically coordinated within each region (see contact information of your regional coordinator) and are not provided by the event. A limited offering of food and snacks is available for purchase in the cafeteria and there may be some vendors selling food as well. There are stores and restaurants nearby.



How can I play in a sport?

The tournament sports are based on a regional structure, to play in a tournament, you must be registered with your regional team by July 19th and the team must also be registered by (by date) to enter into that sports tournament. If your region does not have a team, please contact your regional coordinator to set one up, or for certain sports, we on occasion create a miscellaneous team from players who also do not have a team. This is not guaranteed as we try to accommodate as much as possible, but sometime are unable to do so due to the tournament setup. There are several intramural sports available that do not require a sign up or pre-registration of a team. Please see the Sports Rules for all the rules for each sport.



Is there any transportation provided to the event?

We do not provide transportation to the event other than from the train stations of Rhinebeck and Poughkeepsie for a fee. Ride availability is limited and require reservations ahead of time.

Why does the event cost so much and why do the prices keep increasing?

Last year (2018) it cost $40,000 to run BCSF. Our staff is comprised of all un-paid volunteers and so part of our expense cover food and housing costs for them. We also hire several outside services and equipment for the events, such as audio/visual equipment, first aid, inflatables and other items. Most of the fees go towards the facility rent, which has been increasing but is still far below market rates, and we are very fortunate to have had an in-kind donation from UTS to reduce the cost of the event. We are seeking to become fully self-sustaining and so donations are welcome and are tax-deductible.



Are there intramural sports?

Yes, intramural sports will include Mantanagae and Paintball. You can sign up online or on site. There is no charge for playing an intramural sport.

If I am not part of a team in my region, is it still worth it for me to come? Are there other things to do?

Although sports are a big part of the BCSF, there are many, many other things to do and participate in. Beyond being a sports spectator (super fun thing to do btw), there are intramural sports, cultural events and tons of new people to meet.



Will there be first aid available? Who will run it?

There will be a first aid station with qualified staff comprised of nurses, student nurses, and/or paramedics. There is a nearby hospital in case of emergency



What is the BCSF stance on drugs and alcohol?

There is a strict no drug or alcohol policy at BCSF. If you are caught with any drug or alcohol paraphernalia you will be required to leave the premises.