Q: What qualifies me as a craft vendor?

Vendors selling original pieces of artwork or craft item
Vendors with pre-packaged food are considered craft vendors

Q: What qualifies me as a food vendor?

Vendors selling food they make on the premises
Vendors selling food who require electricity

Q: What qualifies me as a community vendor?

Districts planning to provide food for their district communities and/or planning to sell food during BCSF within their district camp.

Q: Where are the vendors set up at BCSF?

Vendors will be set up along the village same as last year (to the left of the playing field)

Q: What is the address of UTS?

30 Seminary Dr, Barrytown, NY 12507

Q: What is a “set up fee” in registration?

A set up fee refers to the need for electricity. It is a one time fee of $50.00

Q: Vendor regulations

Vendors station must be manned at all times, with person manning the station, manning it full time.
If vendor is playing a sport, the name of a second person manning the station must be filled in upon registration and that second person must be at the station at all times or they too will be charged the BCSF entry fee ($65).
Vendors should have only a max of 2 vendor-registered persons. All other persons must pay the BCSF entry registration fee ($65).

Q: What are the fees for registration?

refundable deposit fee of $10.00 upon application to be an Artist’s Village craft vendor, $25.00 for food vendor. must be sent in as a check, made out to HSA-UWC with a memo note “BCSF 2017”.
Checks should be mailed to:
Shinyoung Chang, 481 8th Ave., Box A-12 New York, NY 10001

Community Vendor: 
$150 if providing food for your district. One time setup fee of $50 is included.
$200 if selling food at BCSF. One time setup fee of $50 is included. 

Craft Vendor

Thursday through Sunday: $25.00
Thursday and Friday: $10.00
Saturday and/or Sunday: $15.00

Food Vendor
Wednesday Night – Sunday end of event: $40.00 + a one time $50 set-up fee for food vendors
Thursday and Friday: $20.00 + a one time $50 set-up fee for food vendors
Saturday and/or Sunday $25.00 + a one time $50 set-up fee for food vendors

Info Booth
Thursday through Sunday: $25.00
Thursday and Friday: $10.00
Saturday and/or Sunday: $15.00

If applicant is not approved for the 2018 Artist’s Village, their check will not be deposited and the applicant will be informed via email.
Online application will serve as registration IF vendor is approved and deposit fee will then be used towards you vendor fee. 
BCSF entry registration ($65) is waved for vendors UNLESS vendor is playing a sport.

Q: What do I need to submit with my application besides the deposit?

3 attractive photos of items to be sold (to be used in marketing)
Reference of other places seller has set up
1 paragraph marketing description of vendor’s goods
Vendors bio (as it pertains to this event, be creative), and, if applicable, website, facebook, other social media

Q: Who can I contact for questions and concerns?

Please email bcsfartgallery@gmail.com with your questions, concerns and special requests.